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23/09/2019 Flew to Athens, collected hire car, and drove to Tolo
24/09/2019 Visited Mycenae and Asini
25/09/2019 Visited Epidauros and Old Epidauros
26/09/2019 Visited Nauplio, Palimidis Castle and the Archaeological Museum (Dendra panoply)
27/09/2019 Drove via Mantinea, Sellasia and Sparta to Gytheio
28/09/2019 Visited Mystra
29/09/2019 Drove via ancient Messene to Pylos
30/09/2019 Hired a boat and sailed round Navarino Bay
1/10/2019 Walked round Voidikilia Bay and Palaiokastro
2/10/2019 Drove via Nestor's Palace and Olympia to Arkoudi
3/10/2019 Visited ancient Elis and Chlemoutsi Castle
4/10/2019 Drove via ancient Corinth to Athens
5/10/2019 Visited the Acropolis, Agora and new Acropolis Museum
6/10/2019 Flew home