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The Age of Steam, 1850 - 1920


Dreadnought will be the third instalment in the War at Sea project, of which the first part is Ship of the Line, and the second Trireme. A fourth instalment, tentatively titled Galleys and Galleons is in the planning stage.


Dreadnought will extend Ship of the Line, covering the period from 1850 to around 1920 - the age of steam and iron, with an emphasis on the Dreadnoughts of the early 20th century.


It is intended that it will be possible to refight the naval battles of the First World War, and in addition hypothetical scenarios can be constructed to cover 'what if' engagements during the period of rapid and constant technological change during the second half of the 19th century.


This project is third in line behind the other two parts of the War at Sea project, and as such is not likely to be completed any time soon. As of June 2020 it is in early prototype.


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